Susan Skog

author • freelance journalist • communications consultant


Mending the Sisterhood & Ending Women's Bullying

Women are ushering in a more humane world based on collaboration and partnership, not exploitation or domination. Women are easing poverty, conflicts, and human rights abuses in a way the world has not yet seen. But to rise up and answer the calls of the world, women themselves also need to answer the call to evolve, come together, and help one another succeed, not hold one another back. Girl/Woman Advocate Susan Skog’s landmark book beautifully helps us answer this next call and become the empowered lights and leaders so needed in the world at this time.
- Jennifer Buffett, Co-President, NoVo Foundation

Women can't be a truly unstoppable force for good unless we shake off an old shadow that holds us back: how harsh we can be to one another.
– Susan Skog

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The Give Back Solution

We're living in a time when everyone's called to be of service, to lift up a bit of our interconnected world with our gifts. And through the stories of everyday volunteers, this book magnificently shows that helping others is the best medicine there is…. Susan Skog has shown us that giving back ultimately gives us the warm connections, happiness and health we all seek.
- Joan Borysenko, Author

Skog has presented us with a masterful book on how to experience one of the most meaningful options in one's life, at such a timely moment when service is so needed, and so many have extra time on their hands. Bravo!
- Kimberly Haley-Coleman, Executive Director, Globe Aware

This book is both user-friendly and inspirational, a complete listing of volunteer opportunities interspersed with personal insight. The reader will be encouraged to follow their own passion to reach out...either in their own neighborhood or across the globe. Global Volunteers encourages you to find a service option that suits your interests and skills.
- Global Volunteers

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Peace in Our Lifetime

For anyone who despairs for the future of the human race in a violent world,  Peace in our Liftime offers encouragement and inspiration. More than that, it  presents thoughtful and practical advice for ending the cycle of violence and  creating new communities of friendship and affection.
- Howard Zinn

Susan Skog has created a thoughtful and inspiring book for everyone determined  to bring peace to the world by beginning with their own lives.
- Yolanda King, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King. 

An excellent guide to achieving peace
- Arun Gandhi

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Radical Acts of Love: How Compassion is Transforming Our World

A magnificent and inspiring book!
- Caroline Myss, Author

As the Dalai Lama says, love is simple, but not easy. Susan’s intention for this  book is to make loving easier. That is a great calling, and she does it beautifully  through story, research, and meditation practices that will open your heart and  remind you of all that you already know, but that is so easily forgotten in our  complex, fast-paced world.
- Joan Borysenko, Author

This book changed me radically.
-  Jane Perkins, Editor, OneSpirit

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Embracing Our Essence: Spiritual Conversations with Prominent Women

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